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Childbirth Classes


     Small Group Classes  are geared to inform expecting parents on topics including nutrition, stress management, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, stages and phases of labor, comfort measures and breathing techniques, relaxation and affirmations, labor posistions, complications, self advocacy, interventions, medications, breastfeeding, and postpartum.   Classes are offered as needed and run in a series of 3,  2hr classes.  

Class fee: $125.00

        Private Classes  include all of the above topics  and are tailored for couples to focus on specific areas of interest with plenty of time for questions and practice.  Classes take place in your home  in a 3 part series lasting 2 hours each.  Class fee: $150.00

Comfort Measures for Labor Class 

     Comfort Measure Classes prepare the birthing person, partner, and/or support person with skills to manage labor discomforts through the use of  meditation, relaxation, massage, acupressure, birth ball and peanut ball techniques, rebozo, counter pressure, hot and cold therapy, and positioning for labor and delivery.   Class offered in 1 session of up to 2 hours.  Class fee: $75.00